Kühl- und Tiefkühlzellen

Cool ideas, only from ILKAZELL





As for our floors, their diversity is equalled by their consistency – just as with our entire range of products. As a standard we offer stainless steel floors, which fulfil highest hygienic and mechanical demands. They can be equipped with a big radius running along the walls as a raised option.

The open groove between the individual elements is visible and comes with a high quality elastic ring. Intruding dampness and related germs can thus be effectively prevented. This technology prevents soiling behind overlaps and guarantees that our systems can be checked and controlled at all times.

To meet the toughest, high-end hygienic demands we have developed ILKA-ELASTO-FLOOR, a special plastic coating without joins, which is thus extremely hygienic as well as resistant to wear and tear. It can also be equipped with a big radius along the perimeter.

For safety all floors are, of course, anti-slip or non-slip