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Often, customer care becomes relevant only after manufacturing. We, however, make sure that really everything fits. That is why our customer service already starts with specific, custom-made projecting and planning.

Even though our highly versatile products can be quickly and easily installed, professional assembly through our own competent installation technicians and partners is of utmost importance to us.
And although our systems are almost maintenance-free, we are still, of course, always there for our customers when questions arise or problems occur.

Design and Planning

For our partners a properly thought-out design means above all state-of–the–art technology, efficiency and profitability. Exact planning guarantees an optimum implementation of the project. All the necessary drawings and documents are produced by our engineers according to our partners' specifications and requirements. To make sure that our systems do not only work on the drawing-board, we offer full-scale project support from start to finish.

Research and Development

For us, research and development means above all creativity and constant curiosity.

On the one hand, our experts make our partners' requirements and wishes come true.

On the other hand, they are continuously improving our products.

What made us gain our present position of market prominence is research into new methods and ways to perfect product Features.


Part of our full-service project support is, of course, also that the systems are fitted by our own competent installation staff.

Our technicians know exactly what needs to be done. Hence an efficient assembly can be guaranteed. In addition, we give a warranty for the safe operation of our systems. This spares our customers further time and extra costs.

In principle, many of the products can be fitted by our partners themselves. However, it is advisable to have the systems installed by our personnel when it comes to large-scale projects, especially in clean room technology and environmental simulation.

As a matter of fact, this service is available world-wide.


Our systems are virtually maintenance-free.

If you should, however, encounter problems or have queries, our highly competent technical service personnel will of course be there for you.

Please choose whose expert help you require.