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The Company ILKAZELL

Despite its many sub-species the penguin is special in the world of birds. Thanks to its hydrodynamic built it can move through water fast as an arrow and with great endurance. This helps the penguin find food and protects it from natural enemies … and makes it unique.

Ilkazell occupies a prominent position in the market. The specificity of our products and their manufacture enables us to react to the wishes and needs of our customers flexibly and quickly. This also facilitates the introduction and implementation of innovative technologies and ideas … and makes us unique.

Whether at the South Pole or in Australia, the penguin has perfectly adapted to various ecosystems. The protective shell of its feathers and the lipid layer beneath its skin function as an insulation in extremely cold or hot environments. Its various sub-species are a sign of its adaptability … and make it diverse. 

The partners of Ilkazell come up with a variety of wishes, which is why we are experts at opening up to new ideas and giving insulation a whole new meaning. Our various product lines as well as the quality and flexible use of our systems are the hallmark of our company … and make us diverse.

Even though the waters are full of dangers, the penguin and its fellow species keep exploring new feeding grounds and cover long distances. For this the penguin has to chart unknown courses which open up new habitats. This contributes to its development … and makes it curious.

The team at Ilkazell is continuously exploring innovative solutions to the requirements of our customers worldwide. Our highly qualified experts use those research findings to manufacture high-quality products. The continuous improvement of our staff and products is a vital part of our business … and makes us curious.

Although the penguin has adapted to a great variety of habitats, it is always deeply rooted in every one of them. Thus, it keeps returning to its original breeding grounds to raise the young in the community. This kind of reliability secures the survival of its species … and makes it sustainable. 

At Ilkazell it is a good tradition to both network with our partners the world over as well as to stay rooted in our home region. Integrating our trainees into research, development and manufacturing provides a continuous influx of well qualified experts … and makes us sustainable.