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Pass Through Boxes

The casing of our pass through boxes on the inside and outside is made of stainless steel 1.4301 in a ground design.

The door leaves are mounted on the outside to fit flush with the lock carcase. Viewing panels that are installed into the door leaf fitting flush on both sides and an electronic locking of the doors provide visible safety.

The locking is realised by the ILKAZELL door lock seal using surface holding magnets, switches, a red/green display and internal wiring with a voltage of 24 V DC. This also guarantees a mutual locking of pass through boxes with swing and sliding doors.

The carcase of our pass through box is welded. The inner corners are designed with a wide radius to provide a comfortable and efficient cleansing.


Active Pass Through Box

For higher demands, ventilated pass through boxes can be delivered. Ventilation slots in the doors and perforated metal plates in the ceiling permit air exhaust by suction.

The exhaust air unit (DN100) is located on the ceiling. Models equipped with HEPA filters or an integrated FFU are available as well.

  • Pass Through Boxes
  • Pass Through Boxes
  • Pass Through Boxes
  • Pass Through Boxes