Cleanroom Technology

Cleanroom systems by ILKAZELL





Our competence in cleanroom technology is best proved by our ILKAclean wall system. These self-supporting monobloc systems consist of an insulating core and fixed surface-coated metal top layers on both sides.

The accuracy to size and measurements expected by our partners is guaranteed through continuous and meticulous precision in manufacturing as well as through big modular dimensions to reduce joints. To make sure that the smooth surfaces are sealed and meet cleanroom requirements, joint finishings of only 3–4mm are permitted.

The tried and tested tongue-and-groove joints guarantee a swift and clean assembly also with the cleanroom systems. Special corner- , U- and cross-profiles allow a variety of uses and open up unique options for the shaping of rooms/interior design.

We pay special attention to the internal structure of our cleanroom systems. Separate installation channels as well as foamed-in sockets and empty pipes facilitate a clean layout of all media cables and supply lines. We use either polyurethane or mineral wool as insulation materials.

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