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ILKATHERM-Ceiling and Wall

The cooling ceilings and sails, which we have developed in-house and filed for patent, are the perfect solution for the air-conditioning of all sorts of rooms.

The foamed-in capillary tube mats within the sandwich elements function with the help of radiation and convection – according to the principle of silent cooling. Each room and area can be air-conditioned separately through thermostats and features a dew-point indicator to avoid condensation.

In areas where particular hygiene is required, aluminium or stainless-steel surface layers as well as the latent-heat storage system [Micronal® PCM] are used.

The size and specific measurements of the cooling elements depend on our partners' requirements.

  • ILKATHERM ceiling
  • ILKATHERM ceiling
Insulation80mm PU rigid foam, CFC-free, foamed-in
Specific cooling performanceappr. 80W/m² at 10K below-temperature and 16°C cold water temperature
Cappillary tube matsPolypropylen-capillaries, at distance of 10mm,
Size of capillaries: 3,4 x 0,55mm