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Grid Ceiling

This ceiling system is a flexible grid system made from aluminium-extruded profiles. The supporting beams can be optionally delivered powder-coated or anodised.
The plate coffers available in walkable or non walkable variety, are flush mounted in the grid system.
The single elements are prefabricated in our plant and will be fitting exactly installed on site.
A dry seal ensures the extremely high tightness of the overall system.

An additional silicone sealing for special usage in the pharmaceutical field can be offered on request.
The connection with the wall system is made by aluminium profiles for die plates.
The supporting beams are suspended with threaded rods and turn buckles from the ceiling construction.


• Walkable grid construction
• Integration of FFU, lights and air outlets
• Completely flushed against Clean room side
• Ceiling plates are walkable or non walkable
• flexible grid measurements are selectable

ILKAgridceiling Grid Ceiling